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UK Audi dealers not following Fixed Price Servicing

happychappy Jul 27, 2020

  1. happychappy

    happychappy Registered User

    I have had to take my Q5 into Sytner Audi Derby for brake oil change etc, I looked up the Audi Uk fixed price service menu for the work and booked the car in, to then be told Sytner Audi Derby have not signed up to the National Audi fixed price service scheme and charge their own prices which are around 20 - 30% higher !
    Is this generally the same around all UK dealerships, I feel slightly miffed that they can get away with this or why Audi Uk bother to publish a fixed price menu when dealerships don’t sign up to it?
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  3. Paul McGrath’s Knees

    Paul McGrath’s Knees Registered User

    Simple answer,find a good Indy. Will be noticeably cheaper,and almost guaranteed to do a better job at the same time. The stealers,in my experience,are massively overrated,definitely overpriced and see their customers as a cash cow to be milked whenever you enter their door.
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  4. happychappy

    happychappy Registered User

    Hi, thanks, I rang Derby Audi who quoted £275, when the Audi Uk online fixed price was £225, I then rang a local Ripley Audi specialist who quoted £290 ! hence I ended up going to the Sheffield Audi dealer, who honoured the £225 price.
    I was just wondering whether this is common with Audi not being able to control their dealers and actually have a fixed price service menu which all dealers sign up too, clearly doesn't seem to be worth even looking at the Audi Uk site, other than to get a rough idea of how much to get fleeced by.
  5. Boundy

    Boundy Active Member Bronze Supporter

    I recently had a similar experience with Portsmouth Audi. Interim service and brake fluid change was advertised as £260. Booked in with them in the phone and confirmed price.

    Local Indy wanted £250, so made sense to stick in with Audi. Went to pay and they wanted over £300. Wife phones in a panic as they are asking for more money then I told her it would be. I phoned them up and told them they are taking the **** charging more than their own website.
  6. CarbonMike

    CarbonMike Registered User

    Had a basic service done on mine by JKM in Pompey on Friday, £159.

    Even have acess to the dealer service network to update the service history.
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