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Apr 7, 2019
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What you all running, time for new ones for me.... unsure what to go for....

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I’ve found Dunlop sportmaxx to be the best. Quiet and get loads of mileage out of them.

Worst were continental and Pirelli.
Ended up with a slow puncture so needed some today, ended up with Pirelli p zero corsa AO as that's what was available and were well priced

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I also just put Pzero's on my C7, and I fully expect to kill them within about 10K miles, they stick like snot but really don't last as long.
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Wow.... are you guys rallying or doing track days on these tyres?!? Last set I got nearly 20k out of..... I do drive on lots of motorways and dual carriage ways though

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They are soft as sh... compound and I have never found P zeros to last, I just pulled a set of bridgestone turanza tyres off the car and they lasted just over 17K miles but they were the worst 17K miles I've ever driven, the car never liked a single corner just wanted to go straight on. Never again will I just accept the tyres that a manufacture just puts on the car from new. I stick with either Pzero's or PS4's.
My car came with almost new PZero Rossos on when I bought it. Wore the full set out in less than a year!

Replaced with Kumho Ecsta LE Sports and transformed the car. Much cheaper, quieter, smoother ride and lasted twice as long too.