Tyres for my Dynamik


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Hi all

I have an A4 2.0T FSI Quattro. The Dunlop tyres are rubbish in the cold and wet and they are now nearly finished anyway.

Has anyone got any good ideas for some all season type tyres?

My wife has Michelin Crossclimate on her car which we’ve been impressed with but my Audi is more sporty with much bigger wheels.

Any ideas folks?



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Have you tried looking on tyre sites like mytyres.co.uk to see what is available in your size as far as all season tyres are concerned. I've bought tyres from them in the past.
Here in UK there is still not a full size range of all season tyres for people wishing to remain a bit more mobile/safe in winter weather.

My older daughter has a late 2009 SEAT Ibiza 1.4 SC and it came with 17" alloys, 215/?? X 17 and so no Michelin solution, so I ordered in Kleber Quadraxers for that car, 14 months later, so far so good, maybe even one of Michelins other brands.


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Mine came with Goodyear Eagle F1s. They seem to give pretty decent grip, although I've really not pushed the car yet as I've only just picked it up, and I'm still getting used to Quattro. I've not tried them out in the rain either, so looking forward to that experience.

Jon B

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I have moved all my tyres to Goodyear Eagle F1 Assy 3’s. They are good in the dry, exceptional in the wet - but best of all they are so quiet, which when you spend a lot of your day on the motorway is a good thing!


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Good to hear a positive experience of the F1s. I've still got some decent tread on mine and glad it came with decent tyres for the car. Obviously the previous owner had taste.