Tyres (again)


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More than likely been covered a shed load of times, but looking for some advise on some new rubber

Seen these and was wondering if they would be good or not

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 235/35 R20 88 Y ZR, FP, N0

I believe the NO part at the end mean Porsche suitable or Porsche specific, not quite sure

Proper blowing my mind with choosing a new set that will last me a while and give decent grip/noise level
Running PZeros at the minute and they have deformed and making a wheel bearing noise

Can get these for £117 each, so this sounds like a Bobby bargain to me


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Spotted an error on the site, it had quoted me on the wrong size... Doh

Price is £150 for my size as I need 255

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