Tyre with rim protection?


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I will need to change tyres soon on 19" rims. Does anyone know which tyre gives the most rim protection for 19' rims. I find the little bit of rubber sticking out the side of tyre too flimsy and ineffective. Are there any tyres that bulge out past the rim? Will going for wider tyre achieve this?


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I've recently put some Conti Sport Contact 6 on mine and think the rim protection is better than the Hankooks that were on them originally. The sidewall tapers out to provide the rim protection rather than just having a bead. They are R02 spec though so I don't know if the standard ones have the same protection. Will take a photo at some point over the weekend if I get a chance.
Tried the usual array of suspects PZero, Hankook, Michelin and Conti.
The current Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT have proven the winners.
All the major brands provide more than adequate handling characteristics unless rallying in the Welsh Hills or tracking.
The Dunlops not inly handles really nicely - good turns-n etc, no tram lining, but they are a lot quieter than the others and here's the important bit - by going to a 255x35x19 from a 245, the extra section width and design completely protects the rim from all but full on stupid parking crunch.



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Pzero seems to have the largest followed by Conti sport 6 that I’ve seen. I second going to 255/35/19. It’s what I did & strangely it’s cheaper too per tyre. Would have to be on all four corners though.
The last set before the Dunlops were Conti 6 but only the Dunlops have done the job for me.
That's real World experience.


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Couple of pics of the conti sport contact 6 R02. Don't know if that gives you a better idea of the sidewall shape. They were on offer when I bought mine so were around £160 fitted each.