Tyre wear on S3?

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Hi all, just a quick question.

I got my used S3 a year and a half ago and changed all four tyres last March. I went for Goodyear F1 Asymetrics having read good things about them on here, and haven't been disappointed.

I have done about 13,000 miles on them since and they are down to 3-4 mm all round. I was expecting the fronts to wear down faster than the rears, but they are wearing evenly. Is this common? (I guess at least it shows my Haldex is working :laugh:)

Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy with 15k on a set of tyres (shame that's just over a year's driving though!) but was hoping to not have to buy them four at a time.

As for replacements, I've read that the Michelin PS3 is not actually a direct replacement of the PS2 and that a new Michelin Cup (?) tyre is due out soon which will be the PS2's replacement - can anyone confirm this?



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maybe its because it 4wd its wearing like that i thought that was a common thing with 4wd cars
You're probably right. It's just that I've heard of others getting more miles out of the rears and I wondered if this is because the Haldex 4WD is not always engaged - i.e. in 'normal' driving it is FWD?

If that is the case, then clearly I give it too much stick - but I never do hard launches, I stick to 60mph on my 55 mile round trip daily commute and average about 30mpg, so it must be the play times at the weekends that do the damage?!


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