Tyre spray/gel


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Chaps, is there any particular type to look for to keep tyres looking good?

I had my wheels refurbed recently and its just the tyres letting the overall look down.

I've used a gel tyre before which wasnt great.

Any help appreciated :)


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+1 for Meguiars


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Cheers Greg. Courier pick up tomorrow mate.


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the meg's isn't bad its just got bad tyre sling. I use Autosmart Highstyle and autoglym rubber plus


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I use the megs and use the applicator to apply. Fabulous results and can be added wet or dry


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Megs Endurance for me too, but if you want whatever you choose to REALLY last then give the tyres a good clean with some degreaser and a brush. The key is in the preparation, same as the rest of the car