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New here so please be gentle one. I have a 2007 3.0 tdi Quattro with 255/35/20 tyres on alloys. I recently hit a pothole buckling an alloy. I have went and bought a 2nd hand set of alloys 19" buy the tyres on them (Yokohama) are 225/35/19. My question is are they safe being only 225s? If so, will they look silly? Will they still look silly if I put spacers on the car?
They came off an a5 (I was told) but I didn't ask what a5, is it safe to put them on with the big heavy 3.0 Diesel engine on them?


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1st off, Welcome to the forum, you'll find the guys here a useful bunch and very friendly.

With regards to your first question, 225/35/19 is a very common size tyre for a 19" rim. It's hard to tell you wether it's the ideal size without knowing the width of the rim.

I'm not sure why you think having 225s will make your car look silly with spacers. Perhaps put some photos up of the new alloys.

And yes, they will handle your 3.0TDI just fine.


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Hi snd thanks for the welcome. I've always had audis ranging from a4s to a6 then the a5, thanks for the advice, I have 20 inch rs4 style alloys the now with 255 35 20 tyres but as I say I have buckled one of them. The tyres are huuuugely wide compared to the 225s and I'm just concerned from the rear they will look too skinny on the wide a5. I will try to get some pictures up later


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If you hop onto one of tyre size calculators and compare the rolling radius of the two tyre sizes it will give you a good idea of the difference it will make to your speedometer. That's really what you need to concern yourself with.

Standard 19 inch tyre size is 255/35x19 use that for the comparison.