Tyre scraped and very slight bump on tyre wall... can it be saved?



Lane merge and some wool head ***** driver in his merc slk tried to force the merge and cut me...
Me... into pavement
Wife... swearing and horning as her hand went over to horn on my side...

Damage? Kerbed alloy... and half the G has got slightly scraped from the 'Goodyear' text...
Not worried about the slight scrape on the lettering as its not like it was the tyre wall.
However, a slight bump is apparent next to the lettering... about the size of a £2 coin... just very slight and no rips, just scuffed...

Can it be saved? Is it dangerous? MOT Fail? Does it need to be replaced? Bit hard up to pay day so don't want to fork out for a new tyre unless absolutely necessary... a bit miffed too because only put two fresh front "Oodyear" AS2's on about 3 months ago.

Yep it's had it I am afraid, next stage it will probably blow out, just your luck how serious that may be, best bet get it replaced ASAP, Sorry.

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