tyre puncture


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Hi just found a nail in this tyre took it out and its leaking air i am wondering if this puncture is repairable or do i have to get a new tyre


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Too close to the edge. Suspect it will be a new one.


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I will take it to tyre shop in morning and let them give it a try
My guess is it is repairable...I had a new set of tyres on a car of mine a few years back and had a screw lodged in the front one on the way home from the tyre depot did a quick u turn back and was told it couldn't be repaired ......£125 a tyre:sadlike:
The chap at the depot said in all the 10 years he has worked there that was the worst case of bad luck he has seen 3 miles and written the tyre off..
Hope your tyre is repairable ....:friends:


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Lol, audi charge £35....