Tyre puncture, replacement


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Guys, one of my tyres has a nail in it and I've taken it to a garage who says it can't be repaired as it's too far out. It's a slow puncture and I can hear is quietly hiss.
Looking to get it replaced but need to know if it has to be the exact same one on the opposite side

Mine are:


Does it have to be exactly this or can I go for another like:

Continental Sport Contact 5P (T1002606)
Tyre Size 235/35Y19

(doesn't say AO but is £30 cheaper). (Kwik fit @ £136.50)

I've only done 2500 miles on them and the treads are fine so not looking to replace the pair.

The exact replacement is:

235/35R19 91Y CONTINENTAL SPORT CONTACT 5P AO (Event Tyres @ £166.19)

Any suggestions, thanks.


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I personally wouldn't feel bound to the exact same replacement, but would stick to a decent brand. There's plenty of discussion on tyres on here, also I find www.tyrereviews.co.uk useful.

One final comment, whatever you choose don't go to Kwik Fit.


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AO, unless you're happy with a different compound, noise level etc.


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I had this issue a few weeks back though with 18 inch tyres. Cheapest place I found was Formula One Autocentres and that was for the direct replacement for Continental Sport Contact 5 92Y XL AO225/40YR18


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these specific markings (AO, MO, K1 K2, N0 N1, etc etc) are made differently from the equivalent standard tyres. These tyres are not better or worse than the equivalent standard tyre - any leading manufacture will tell you this.


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They may not be any better or worse, but they can vary significantly. Different compounds, different block spacing, different characteristics. Stick to the same across the axle.

Having spent 15yrs in tyres, the levels of science involved nowadays really is amazing.

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