Tyre Pressures


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HI, I have just bought a X reg 1.8t quattro sport A4. It does not have a manual. Can anybody please tell me the correct tyre pressures for an unladen and fully laden car. It has the standard 17 inch alloys.



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The fuel flap only has pressures for 15" and 16" tyres, and mine has 225/45/R17s (10 spoke audi ones that may have been option for an A6 but not standard kit on A4). I've heard a variety of recommended PSIs from 32-36 and they seem to be ok when I leave them at 34, but does anyone know the right ones?


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i run 32 in mine 225 40 18. front and back


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used to run 30 (17's) as of last nght run 32/34, find it a bit twitchier though, may go back