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Tyre Noise?

SteveSAS Jun 18, 2018

  1. SteveSAS

    SteveSAS Guest

    Hi guys, does the TT MK2 suffer from tyre noise?
    My wife has had her 2.0TFSI (non quattro) for over a year & was getting an annoying hum at anything over 50mph. The faster the speed the louder it became. They were Continental tyres with not much life left. I swapped over fronts to back & the noise immediately improved only to creep back a few weeks later.
    She now has four brand new tyres MAXXIS HP5 (they are not budget but are obviously not Michelin price) which have been rated well for overall dry & wet grip. The noise level rating is around 70db which compares to others. At first they seemed ok but quickly the noise at cruising speeds on motorway has become awful. Radio volume needs increasing to drown out this annoying humming.
    I've tried coasting down hill, out of gear with engine off which makes no difference. I've had a four wheel alignment after fitting new tyres which showed very slight adjustment needed but nothing way out.
    The wheels have been spun & checked for movement from an Audi specialist while car was on the continentals & he suggested was tyre noise. So, really thought the new boots would cure it. Surly it must be a bearing?
    The noise doesn't seem to be from any one area in the car but just a general humming drone on the motorway.
    Any suggests?


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  3. leon263

    leon263 Member

    I must admit that I do have to agree with you. My TT, which is on Continentals, is very prone to road noise depending on the road surface. On some surfaces, it is horrendous, but on other surfaces it is as quiet as a mouse. When I first fitted the tyres they particularly bad but the do seem to have quietened down as the miles have racked up. If you notice a difference on varying surfaces, then its just par for the course, but if there is no variation then it may well be from another source.
  4. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver SQ5 owners group Team Sepang Audi RS3 Audi TT

    Same here and mostly from the rear: summer and/or winter tyres just the same: I put it down to 9-inch rims and lack of sound insulation.

    Though mines a quattro ragtop I've driven the range and find 'em all the same, lots of tyre noise whatever rubber is being used.

    Still love the car mind...
  5. SteveSAS

    SteveSAS Guest

    Hi guys, anyone near to Dartford area with a mk2 TT with 18inch wheels?
    I really want to rule out tyres by doing a wheel swap to see what's going on. Took for a drive last night & I feel it's more front related. Anything over 40mph and its a ****** loud drown. I noticed if I jink the wheel to the right the volume increases. As I said had the noise on old continentals & now on brand new Maxxis tyres it's even worse. It's really unlivable imo on a top Brand car. I would not want to do any long motorway drive as it is.

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