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Tyre advice

Mr Olympik Aug 2, 2020

  1. Mr Olympik

    Mr Olympik Member


    Want to get new tyres all around, leaning towards the OEM approach and get pilot sport 4’s. However, I notice they’re summer tyres. Budget doesn’t allow me to have 2 sets for summer and winter just yet unfortunately.

    Does anybody have advice/experience with another brand/model that are all seasons?


    PS: does anybody know why Audi fitted a summer only tyre out of the factory?

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  3. motty225

    motty225 Active Member

    Are they PS4's or PS4S's? Either will be fine all year round but PS4S's are the far better tyre, they just perform best when hot, I've been running them in my S4 and cupra 290 for 4 years
  4. psychopomp1

    psychopomp1 Active Member

    If you want all seasons get the Vredestein Quatrac Pro or Michelin CrossClimate+, both are amazing tyres in all seasons. If you want to stick with summers, then I highly recommended the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti - I have them on my A6, they're even better than the Michelin PS 4S. The Vorti is an improved version of the legendary Sessanta.
  5. Flowrider99

    Flowrider99 Active Member

    In UK every manufacturer fits summer tyres to their cars from new. A summer tyre is the best tyre to use providing air temp is over 7c which in the UK is most of the year. Winter tyres are better for the few weeks when temps drop below 7c. All season tyres are a compromise, not as good as a summer tyre in the summer and not as good as a winter tyre in the winter.

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