Tyre advice please

Baz Clark

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Hi All,

I have a 2010 A6 3.0 TDi Le Mans Quattro running the standard alloys which come with 255/35/R19 tyres. I sent my Wife to replace the 2 front tyres whilst I was away with work and she was sold some 235/35/R19's for the front. Now the car makes a rumbling noise under acceleration. I am a little worried that this will cause some issues with the Quattro system or some other ungodly issue. Not to mention that they look ****** daft too! Should I replace these tyres again ( at great cost) or not? If so, does anybody want to buy a couple of 235/35/R19 Dunlop Sportmaxx RT's with about 600 miles on them?

Cheers all.


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All 4 should be the same size all the way round being quattro, was the invoice the size fitted as im a tyre fitter by trade and often 1 of the other retarded minions fit the wrong size without even looking