twin rear fog lights ?


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how hard is it to get both rear fog lights working on a4 cab b6 it just a matter of running wire from the side that works over to the one the dont ?


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found it on audizine all you have to do is find the grey wire with a white strip and and run that over to the other side and join to same colour wire and put a bulb in


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the extra wire that is used can be feed and hidden behind the rear bumper so there is no need to cut into the weather rubber sealing the cars wires from the outside weather,


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that's not really your concern is it?
if it someone can't tell the difference between fogs and brake lights.
I've had twin fogs on my bmw and got them on my A4 with out any issues from other road users or MOT testers.

can't you route the cable through the weather proofing to save going out side or cutting?


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People thinking that your fogs are brakes is dangerous though. If they think you're braking they'll no doubt slam on and who knows what will happen behind you.

It's unlikely, and if my car came with two rear fogs I wouldn't care. But I wouldn't bother converting mine to have two.


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when you break dont you have alight in the middle that comes on when you break surely peolpe will see that come on


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It's not something I'd worry about either, in the 5 years I've had the car I don't think I've ever used the rear fog light.

The issue isn't so much people mistaking them as brake lights, but when you've got them on their brightness masks the effect of the brake lights so people may not see you stopping. Admittedly with a high level brake light the chances of this happening are reduced.

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cos it look odd with just one working ... plus big posh cars have both working so its only right to do this mod