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Hi all.
I became the proud owner of a 09 RS6 about 6 weeks ago and have tried without success to turn on the TV, turns out my system doesn't have the TV capability installed.
Audi main dealer cant help, so I thought there may be someone on here with the technical know how to offer me advice.

Is it just a case of uploading the TV capability into the system, or does it involve changing head units and running cables etc?

Many thanks in advance for any advice


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I'm sure you'll. we'd the additional tuner module plugging in - then activating with vcds
If you look for a used unit on eBay make sure it's the digital version not the analogue for the obvious reason 😉
It is VERY possible, but not cheap as you need new hardware and it's a ball-ache to install.

a TV tuner (which is about £300 by itself for the 3rd party versions), double that for OEM
adapter to get the signal into the MMI
aerials (x2, usually installed under the dash somewhere) - you could get away with one, but need two if you want diversity reception (the ability to maintain a signal and scan for a stronger signal when you're on the move)...

These guys will do it for you: A6 4F, S6 4F, RS6 4F 2005-2011

Looks like it is about a grand: Genuine Audi Digital Hybrid TV Tuner Supply & Fit | HappyDayz

I got a version this kit for my old A4 (2001 B6) and it was about £400 for me to source the hardware (Freeview+ version + other bits) and I think HazzyDayz did it for me for about £550... including several hours labour and coding the software.

TO be fair, it's about a grand if if get it added as an option when they build it too....

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First of all, have you got 2G or 3G? As this will have a bearing on the kit you'll need and there is a cost difference.

In basic terms the TV tuner will go in the boot and wired into the MOST Loop and Can. Antennas will need to be linked into the rear glass. A bit of coding and your done.

Tuner, cables antenna modules and a days work is what you'll need.
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Cockney - if he's okay with non-OEM, then there's some pretty simple solutions that can all be done up front: mine had both antennaes on the back of the sun visors and the TV tuner (Ampire DVBT 200) was mounted on the back of the glovebox with the USB ports, TV line in, etc (for iPod video, etc) all accessible direct from there.


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I have an '11 A6 S-Line, with MMI 3G+. I have the TV Tuner option, and get a selection of Free view Channels to choose. They load up fine but the reception is poor as it staggers/cuts out every few seconds as does the Audio. ..

Would b great to have it working properly.. Maybe a loose aerial?

Any ideas? !