Turning steering wheel left or right with signal on - clicking noise


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I don't think i noticed it in the last 2 weeks I've had the car.

Today i noticed clicking noise from steering when turning left or right with signal on. No clicking when signal is not on. It is not signal blinking noise.

Single click when just starting to turn the steering wheel and 2 clicks when the wheel is turned almost to the end.

I took 3 clips - 2 showing the concern, and 1 without the concern. I am hoping some of the B9 owners here can share if they have the same. I don't know if this is something i need to bring up to the dealer or just put to rest as this is how these cars are designed. I typically drive with music/radio on (not too loud), so i may have not noticed it in the past. Yesterday i drove without music, and noticed it. It happens ONLY when turn signal is on, at the same spot of steering wheel turning, does not seem random.

Video 1 and 2 - turning left/right signal on and turning steering wheel. You can hear 1 click in the beginning and 2 clicks when the wheels are almost fully turned.
Video 3 - turning the steering wheel left and run without the turning signal on - no clicking noise.

Video 1 - clicking

Video 2 - clicking

Video 3 - no clicking


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Won't that just be the ratchet on the mechanism that turns the indicators off when you straighten the wheel up after going round the corner?


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Both my A3 8Vs did this also. Think it's normal

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Totally normal. I've had the same noise on all 6 of my Audi's. As alFR says it's the ratchet mechanism in the steering wheel flicking off the indicator stalk and thus the relay that controls the indicator lights.


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Tekmo I have exactly the same problem.

Absolutely not normal in my opinion and not the usually 'soft' click you'd hear when the indicators are used and the steering clicks in and out.

This is now my 4th consecutive A4 (all different model variations) and it's definitely more noticeable in my new A4 than any other models I've had.

It sounds loud and cheap and not what I've experienced in any of the other new Audis I've owned.

Thought about taking to dealer but had a feeling they would say nothing wrong but now you've mentioned I will next time I'm in.


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It happened with my B8.5. Only if you're turning in the same direction as the indicator you have on, i.e. turning the wheel right when the right indicator is on and as it clicks pas the points where it would auto-cancel it clicks. I wouldn't worry about it at all.