Turbo whine, rebuild and whine again


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My 1.9tdi with around ~122k km (75k miles) developed a turbo whine.

First it started on downspool, when revving it in idle and releasing the pedal, then on ~1600->1000 rpm you could hear a whine.

After that it started becoming worse and worse.

I took the car for the turbo rebuild, and mechanic told me turbo "developed a play" and that's why it was whining. It didn't had too much carbon buildup, etc....

After the turbo rebuild, everything was quiet, but not for a long time :( I did around 700 miles of highway (~130km/h on cruise control) and sound started appearing again. And I've got the feeling it's getting louder again, which means, another rebuild after only 1500 miles of cruise controled highway?!?!

Now, either a rebuild wasn't done properly, or there's something else that's destroying a turbo and will happen again after another rebuild... Any ideas guys?


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Have you check the oil flow from the oil feed pipe going into the turbo? and flow returning to the engine. I’ve just been watching this-


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Who did your rebuild? What did they replace? Did they balance the turbo at high speed as they spin at over 120,000 rpm.