turbo timers


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hello im new to the forum and to my car its an a3 1.8ti that im very happy with but i had a celica gt4 and it had a turbo timer in it to cool down the turbo once tured off. i was wondering dose it help in the a3 in the same way but i havent seen any a3's with it and all the jap cars have them?
p.s. and dose any one know where to get gauge pod's for it. its a 1997
thanks james


Yes its diesel, now cry u lost
had 1 in my scooby just to look cool! No point, just sit in ya car for another 20 seconds and/or keep off the boost couple of miles before you get home! Simples!

welcome to the mad house btw! got any pics of your motor?

Ebay is your friend!