Turbo timer


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Hey guys was thinkin of getting a turbo timer rather than sittin in my car to cool it down seen them on ebay for around £15 and i didnt want nowt fancy so wud a universal one do and are they just plug and play type thing? Many thanks.


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Most A3's and S3's have an after run pump to do that job... personally not a fan of turbo timers...



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Yea i did hear that so i can just turn my car off after ive driven it? So wud a cheap universal one do then? Puts my mind at rest aswell lol


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A3's don't have an after-run Pump PT, that's only an S3 thing.

Wilts: it's not really needed mate, and it's also illegal to leave your car running and walk away from it.

They're not plug and play at all either, they need wiring into the loom properly.

You don't need to sit in your car and wait for it to cool down, just stop thrashing it 2-3 minutes before you arrive at your destination and then turn it off straight away.

Bit of a pointless gimmick really.