turbo timer....switch? S3 S3 S3


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remapped S3 2000 x-reg.
apparently on one of the hoses there is a switch that you press or click to reset the turbo timer any ideas? or pics will be great!

last time the airflow sensor faile causing it to cut off the turbo and a local garage charged me 70 quid just to take a pipe off ,flick a switch and thats it! well.....maf sensor/airflow has gone again,and i need to get at the switch.


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I would be interested to know what this switch is, never heard of such a thing on an S3?!


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i think someone is pulling your length mate.

they probably reset fault codes on VAGCOM using a laptop (i guess they could refer to this as some sort of "switch")

but dont believe everything garages tell you, i would tell you the same if you were going to pay me £70 to "flick that switch"!


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i wouldn't lie to myself,i was there! it was done infront of me,i was standing next to the car,it was done around 6-7 months ago,il just have to take each pipe off.


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when you find it tell us!!!
You could have a look at ETKA here (free to register) http://www.vagcat.com/ which will show you all the bits in the intake pipes. Might save you some time?