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Turbo squeal around 2k RPM - BiTdi

jetty Aug 8, 2019

  1. jetty

    jetty Registered User

    Bought the car Dec last year - nothing but problems with it. Probably been with them for 3 months in total.
    I've been complaining about a squeal when you put your foot down - it's high pitch but only does it around 2k rpm under load.
    Audi had it for weeks initially - came back and said it's the turbo but can't fault it. Audi Germany say it's normal and nothing to worry about, even though they can't replicate on other vehicles.

    I've had other BiTdi's and driven just about every Audi model and none have this problem. The noise is so irritating I'm tempted to pay for a new turbo to be fitted (even though the Audi tech said this may not cure the problem).

    Any suggestions on this one ?

    Also have RPM fluctuating between 800 and 1000rpm on cold starts - happens just before a regen. Again, Audi can't fault it and they want a video. Could this be related to the noise ?

    2016 BiTdi with 52k on the clock.


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