Turbo problems after remap


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Ive had a remap done on my car today. Its A 2002 S3. The problem is every time the car gets to 3000-4000 rpm through every gear it feels like it is misfiring and there is no power.
After going down a duel carriage way i stopped, popped the bonnet and the manifold was glowing, i was told by an evo owner this was quite normal and he suggested that it could possibly be the recirculating valve thats causing the misfire but this was fine before the remap.
Im not very technically minded with cars so be gentle and im sorry if this has been answered before but i couldnt find it.


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Have you checked your coil packs? Its a usually failure after remapping, I had a similar problem a few months back, look at the thread below and see if you have the same symptoms, if so then change your coil packs:



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Ive read your thread, mine did exactly the same as yours apart from the tractor sound.
Luckily it was only a trial remap and the problem has sorted itself out now it has run out so do you still think it could be the coil pack.


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does it happen only at 3000-4000 rpm?


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No after the judder the turbo screams really high pitched. I only bought the car 2 weeks ago and ive just found out what the problem is. The car was advertised with FASH but according to the garage it was supposed to go to for these services, they have never seen the car. So this guy has been slipping someone a tenner for stamps in the book. The car has done 80k miles and hasnt had a service since 30k. So its been on the same plugs and oil for 50k miles. Think i might have resolved the problem now. Cant believe people can get away with it, Audi need to sort these sort of issues out. Glad ive got this off my chest!