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Turbo noise

S3 EVIL Dec 3, 2011

  1. S3 EVIL

    S3 EVIL New Member

    Hi ya Iv just recently brought a 2004 140bhp diesel a3 the turbo was making a slight police siren noise and have just got it mapped and it has got slightly louder does that mean my turbo is on its way out and if so if I wanted to go bigger turbo ie the 170bhp one what else would I need to change to make it fit
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  3. Datsun

    Datsun Member

    on a petrol car that noise could be one of a few things i would assume the same is for Diesel, if the "siren" noise increases in volume or speed with revs, the chances are the compressor wheel is striking the housing..meaning the unit will eventually expire.

    alternatively it could be a boost leak, air being pushed through either a split or ill fitting pipe (jubilee clip perhaps undone)
  4. Pipsqueak

    Pipsqueak Member

    I had the siren noise. Now it's more of a whiney whistle noise. Sounds a bit like wind noise. The local Audi independent says the turbo is knackered and it's a common problem. Only option is to change the turbo. £2000 from the main dealer fitted, £1200 from Indy Audi tech, £1000 from local spannerman.
  5. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    me brother had same issue police siren that seemed to come from tail pipe and sadly £1200 later its now cured ??? turbo
  6. DCW87

    DCW87 Member

    I've got the same thing on my 2.0tdi 140 (06).... I've only just bought it but apparently the turbo was changed around 12 months ago.

    I'm going to get it checked out regardless but I've heard people say that this is normal for a tdi? Mines not that loud but i can hear it between 1400-2200rpm in all gears and in neutrall.

    I wanted to check every other option before having to shell out the best part of a grand to get it fixed :S
  7. matts1

    matts1 Member

    We had the same on a friends bmw 118d, the siren sound would extend long past the drop in revs rather than at the same pace. His was down to an oil breather getting clogged and staving the turbo of oil. BMW wanted £1500 but we got brand new unit from Turbo Technics for £800 and fitted for £300 including oil. TT's also told us that often the cause is not addressed and so a new turbo goes in and quickly fails so make sure if you do fit a new unit, you find out why it failed and sort that.

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