Turbo intake pipe replaced



From looking at my standard turbo hose, and from a purely engineering point of view I dont beleive the turbo could ever produce enough vacuum through the air filter to collapse the hose, If the air filter is then swapped for a more free flowing item, then this effect will be even less likely to occur.
I would guess that the intake pipe is nearly always under positive pressure when on throttle.
Its exceptionally difficult generally to get pipes to collapse under vacuum when there is a fluid flow through them.

The smoother air flow should make difference though, and even if it didnt, it looks sweet!

Ian Whiffen

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It's my birthday
Thanks. I recall seeing it now just didn't think anything of it really, does look quite restrictive however so I'll redo.
I thinks it's meant to stop bigger particles hitting the paper filter but to be honest when I took my pipercross filter out the other week and gave it a quick clean because it is oiled everything sticks to the underneath. I had quite an interesting bug collection going on lol