Turbo Back System

Adem Ozkaya

Quick question ...I have been quoted £550 for a full turbo back system (Decat) for my S1, this is through a powerflow dealer in Newcastle. Anyone been to or knows anyone that has had an exhaust system created by them? Parts will be Tig welded and some MIG welded just wondering how loud it will be? don't want it to be deafening aha! also he said he recommends not putting the valves back into the exhaust because they can seize up? instead removing them ...whats everyones thoughts on this?


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My opinion is that the S1 is a performance car if you're going to put a custom exhaust system which is not tested for performance gains or backpressure then all you're going to do is make the car sound louder it will more than likely hamper performance. As to removing the valves completely because they seize up? No idea where he's got that idea from haven't heard of a single case where the exhaust valve has seized on an S1.

I would buy a complete exhuast system from someone who has tested it for performance gains, Milltek, Remus, Scorpion etc etc.

Adem Ozkaya

That's the same as every car though? I know loads of performance cars that have full custom systems on and they are perfect my old VXR had a full 3" turbo back and gained BHP through the map, im just wondering how loud a full decat would actually be because I wanted to keep the valves for Eco mode so it can be quiet when needed aha? the valves easy to put back in?


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not been to the dealer your tslking about but have used powerflow in the past , its cheap for a reason !!!