Turbo back Milltek Mini-Review


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Absolutely !
Makes total sense to me - the restrictive part is the downpipe then ?
Useful info for anyone considering a cat-back system (i.e. don't !!).

I'm sure the cat back has a few advantages, but I'm pretty sure they are minor due to the OEM DP!
Be interesting to hear from somone who has done only that to date!


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Spin - I've consulted someone who has a way better understanding of all things mechanical than me about the risk you were told about just running the DP and Cat.

Here's what he has to say:

"Freeing up the back pressure in the downpipe by increasing the flow, going to 3" from 2.5" and from a restrictive 400+ cel cat to a HJS 200 cel race cat will lower velocity and decrease restriction and therefore temperature in the exhaust (Exhaust Gas Temperatures EGT's)

So, less velocity and less heat will be better for the cat back section of the exhaust.. Thats my take on it anyways? Unless they mean that cooler exhaust gas flowing more slowly will have an adverse affect on things?? lol.. "

No doubt a full system is going to be better... but the above statement kind of makes sense to me!
Who told you it would cause temp issues if you don't ind me asking?


It all makes total sense to me which is why I considered just DP in the first place but I got the same response from 2 different sources so just decided to go with the full system, I'm confident though that the rear section should cause no problems as I too viewed the 2 side by side, first reponse was from a Tech at Graham Goode Racing, Ed at APS had a similar response but was willing to give it a try.

"Hello Martin
Thank you for the reply,i have contacted MILLTEK,and they only recomend their large bore downpipe and sports cat be fitted with MILLTEK or any other good quality large bore exhaust system,and NOT with the standard oem system.All to do with exhaust gas temperatures,and the oem system will not handle the temperature and flow rate.Thanks again.
Kind regards ANDY"


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Cheers Spin. Again - appears it's Millteks view on it.
Well, i've done 5k miles, including 800 miles non stop to the Alps + another 800 back, as well as some pretty heavy driving sessions... no issues as yet.....
I can almost sense something going wrong now hahaha


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I think the Milltek cat back system is very good, i fitted mine last night i bought the Non-resonated system (150 off ebay), fits perfect and has the same tail pipes as the standard exhaust so people cant really tell you have a exhaust on till you pull off. The Milltek system is much louder, just need to take the cats out now! :sm4:


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I happen to know you can special order jet style (twin) with rolled edges if you want a more OEM look, if I had known this before placing my order I would have gone with those, don't think it cost you anymore you just have to specify via your local outlet, alternatively order direct.

Steve at Statller will be able to source them for you - 0114 279 8195

hope this helps