Turbo Back Exhaust


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Sep 29, 2015
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Cant find a definate answer on this. Does a turbo back exhaust with sports cat on my 2010 S3 need mapped before it will run good, or is it just best to get it mapped to make most of gains and to put light out? Any input appreciated, thanks!
I've heard if you don't get it remapped with it, It can throw up emission codes
I asked nige at bcs the same question about there powervalve with 200 cell cat and he said its very likely not to throw up any faults before remap
It would run fine I had my powervalve on for about a month before getting it mapped and never had a light come up. Ran as normal too. You may find certain exhausts throw up lights more than others though.
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Thanks for that. I'm looking at getting sports cat first before cat back but wasnt wanting to rush into getting it mapped, as I will be changine more parts before the map
I put a 100 cell milltek on my 2012 S3 and after a few days the light came on.

Went for a mega blast and it goes...the cat got hot and started working, then it came back etc.

Car will still run well, so just ignore the light until you have it mapped out and your power increased.

If you go 200 cell cat then you are less likely to ping a light.
Thats great, thanks! What about MOT time, you think the 200 cell would pass ok?
Thats good, just that I read on awesome gti website and it says it requires stage 2 map just wondered if I would maybe need that for MOT, to pass safely
The stage 2 map just means you should have a performance exhaust on, so its mapped into the software to switch the light off.

200 cell you'll be pretty safe....100 cell you won't be safe....

Just MOT it, then exhaust it, then leave it less than 12 months to map it...