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Tunning tips for a3 turbo sport

StuA3 May 11, 2009

  1. StuA3

    StuA3 New Member

    hi just new to the audi cars so just wondering what tips i can have to get more from the car its a y 1.8 T S without to much messing around and little expence not that i'm greedy just not well off thanx S
  2. A3Tom

    A3Tom Smell my finger.

    Hi Stu,

    The basics first really, such as an intake etc.

    If you want to fit an induction kit then you need to go for something with a cold air intake (BMC etc) as the stock airbox takes cool air from the passenger side wheel arch. Cone filters etc are available but they just suck up hot air from within the engine bay and you will experience a drop in power (I fitted a cone and it was rubbish, but sounded nice). I've gone for a green cotton panel filter in the stock airbox now and its bang on. The standard airbox is fine with a decent drop in filter so save your cash and go down the route I went. Car picks up a bit better over the standard paper filter (I think anyway).

    The standard dump valve is a plastic item which can fail, so go for a Forge 007 one. Its a straight swap and wont offer you any more power but it'll hold boost better and wont fail like the standard plastic one.

    Apart from that you're looking at a remap. I have a stock 150bhp 1.8T A3 and its going in for a remap at the end of the month. I've been told to expect about 40bhp more and 70nm torque so should be a nice chunk of extra power.

    Apart from my remap the only other performance upgrades to the engine I'll be doing is a bigger downpipe and a decent exhaust system when the pennies allow.

    If your car has the K03 turbo like mine there isnt really much more you can do unless you go down the bigger turbo route.

    Front mount intercooler can also be fitted, it wont offer any more power but it will mean that you dont get power loss from the standard intercooler once things warm up when you start driving.


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