Tuning tips for my Audi S3. FMIC, turbo intake and downpipe?


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Hi guys! I'm from Norway, so sorry if my English is a bit bad.. I just bought myself an Audi S3 8l 2001 mod. It's not many People With this car in Norway, so I'm seeking som advise from you :) I'm currently running a MTM chip, MTM exhaust and an aftermarket airfilter( don't know the name of it). So my question is, what else can i go for? I'm thinking about replacing the Stock intercooler With a wellycooler Audi S3 | UNIVERSAL-INTERCOOLERS , a New turbo intake Audi TT 225 S3 Seat Leon R Turbo Intercooler Induction Intake Pipe Silicone Hose | eBay and maybe a New downpipe if i can afford it..What do you think of that? Do I have to do a remap, or can i use the same setup as I'm running now? I see that Revo is selling some stage 2 setup? Alex :)