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Tuning question

bree9482 Jan 20, 2014

  1. bree9482

    bree9482 Member

    Hi Bill,

    Im sure ive read before you do revo. Im just after some advice l can rely on !!

    I have stg 1 revo software, im working toward stg 2. Im booked in next week for a turbo back inc decat exhaust. The problem im having is l dont want the cel on. I have been looking at lambda spacers and l called revo also. Revo said get stg 2 software and have my dealer adjust the settings until l get a fmic. TBH im just considering getting a cat back as l think im going to create problems lol

    If you could possibly give me your thoughts on what revo said and what direction you think l should go, l would appreciate that !!


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