Tuning. Is it worth it?


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Picking up an A4 2.0T Quattro S-line Special Edition shortly (basically the 220bhp DTM engine).
Anybody Revo'd this engine?
Is it worth £600 for an extra 35bhp?
What does 35bhp 'convert' into, in real terms on the road?


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35bhp is a noticable increase in performance.

is it worth it / what does it convert to? That'll depend on your driving style and your requirements from your car really.


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ANgel tuning or celtictuning

360 will get u to 265

think Angel do it for 310.

M8s had his normal 20T Quat done from 200 to 265

Rocket ship


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I would say drive the car for a while before you upgrade as this will give you a much better idea if the chip is installed.

I think Revo do a taste mapping for a 30min to an hour free so maybe something to try to see if you like.

Plus shop around as you will find lots of company offer re-maps at different prices and sometime group buys at discounted prices.


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i was gonna say, chipping a turbo car should give you a 55-60bhp increase, my s4 went from 266 to 321, and my rs4 from 380 to 430

Thinking about it, both my cars have 2 turbos, so you will prolly see 35-40 with one turbo


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ignore the hp quotes

its not the hp gains with turbo cars that make the difference - an oem turbo can only flow so much at high revs due to the requirements for low lag so they use small turbos - and power is proportional to revs.

however what you do get is a huge increase in the mid range torque which is the kick in the pants when you plant your foot to overtake.

so with a chipped car you may get 30-60lb/ft increase torque in the mid range but the boost drops off up the revs range over 5000-5500 revs, so a smaller increase say 25-30hp at the top end.

is it worth it? definately yes - theres nothing like the rush of a big boost, big torque turbo coming on.