Tuning EA113 engine with some old revision parts?


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Hi all,

I recently seized conrods my 8J TTS, then i forged my CDL EA113 engine with a upgraded hybrid turbo.

My concern is: While i am rebuilding my engine, i used 2005 A4 B7's BGB cylinder head and oil pump with balance shafts, all other parts are new and good, carefully rebuilt whole engine. I am only concerning that these 2 old revision parts could handle my 500hp upgraded hybrid turbo setup i wonder? (i used these 2 old revision parts because of they were too pricey.)

I know that CDL cylinder head has better/stronger alloy and camshafts.
And the oil pump is cancelled since 2005.

I hope these 2 parts won't create any issue while forcing to approx. 500hp.

Any advices appreciated on this!