Tuning Audi A3 2.0 TDI quattro 170BHP


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Im planning to tune my 57 plate audi A3 2.0 TDI quattro 170 BHP and was looking for recommendations.

I have seen a quote to increase BHP to 215 for £295 through www.celtictuning.co.uk

Anyone used them before and is this reasonable?

I did have a tuning box prior to this (DTUK) but it caused an issue with exhaust fumes so had to remove it again. Think I would prefer a more permanent solution.

Many thanks!


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Stage 1 through APR might also be a good choice.
I went to Bobby Singh. No complaints, remapped specifically to my car to ensure it was safe and not 'over doing it'. I believe he has a user account on this forum so you can message him here.
You can speak to him directly, username: bobby singh or email: BobbySinghRacing@outlook.com

What I liked about Bobby is, he will tune the 'values' to your car. No generic maps and only give you something which is reasonable to run on your engine. Granted my 140bhp is running at 190bhp (tested at Surrey rolling road). He'll definitely take the time to answer your queries and talk you through the process. Touch wood, I had my car done back in October and its been running great since.


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It's very difficult to recommend a service to someone if they don't supply their general area, or state that they aren't prepared to travel outside of that area.
I'm of the mindset, that if I get recommended a certain company by many many happy customers, they are worth a visit (within reason).
In 2003 I scoured the internet for decent remap companies and MSD in Blackpool were regarded as one of the best, so I booked an appointment and got up early and made the journey there. Brilliant service from them and transformed the car.
Likewise with R-tech. They are 2 hours from me, and there are APR/REVO/Independent remappers local to me, but Nikki is highly regarded as the best tuner for the TFSI engine, so I made the journey to him. No regrets.
Plus, you get to enjoy the new-car feel of a remapped engine on the way home!

Maybe use google to search 'Remap companies south Wales' and see what comes up and pick one within your budget and acceptable distance from your house?