Tuning A6 2.7T Tiptronic



Anyone had any experience of chipping this engine with the tiptronic 'box? I have heard that too much torque can 'confuse' the 'box. MTM & Scotts offer chips with 'box tweaking but are expensive, £1200 or so. Revo say they are working on a new map to include 'box tweaking which should be ready in 2/3 months. Their previous map did apparently cause the tiptronic some problems. APR have not responded to my query so don't as yet know what they offer and AMD say they can increase torque to 485Nm & power to 290BHP. without causing the gearbox any problems. I don't think any of the other tuners offer anything for this engine. Should I go with AMD or wait for Revo? Your thoughts gentlemen, please!


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How did you get on? I have exactly the same car and would like to go down the rechip road but don't want to break my car.