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TTS Mk3 - Over bumpy roads

DeckedS3 Mar 19, 2018

  1. DeckedS3

    DeckedS3 Well-Known Member

    My sister has a 6 month old TTS (S-Tronic with the 19" wheel option) and says the car is very skittish over bumpy roads and constantly has to correct the car, as if it's being pushed from the rear. I've suggested she gets the tracking and tyres checked but wanted to ask if anyone on here has had a similar experience?

    I'm going to hopefully drive the car this weekend.

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  3. john_Honeyman

    john_Honeyman New Member

    Is there a rear 'thud' noise associated with this?
    I have a 2017 TTS and always get a thud from the rear when going over small holes/ridges in the road.
    Almost feels unbalanced in relation to the front end.

    Been into Audi a few times now but they won't acknowledge an issue.. There are numerous threads on various forums confirming an issue with the rear top mounts being the root cause of this.. Although seems to depend on your year of car. Mines should be exempt due to upgraded part numbers but clearly is not (For me anyway)

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