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Tts intercoolers!!!

FULLBORE Jan 26, 2020


    FULLBORE Registered User

    Am i missing something..... why on earth do all these mqb cars uprated intercoolers fit in the SAME PLACE as the oem coolers? Is this some sort of design flaw? Its designed to be cooled by AIR. So why on earth stick it behind a HOT radiator?

    There is a REASON ttrs and rs3 intercoolers are ACTUAL front mounts. Im baffled by this. A front mount that recieves air first is always going to be better than one that sits between TWO other radiators.

    I cannot bring myself to buy an uprated one designed for the tts because of this.
    might aswell jump ahead and buy a ttrs cooler and fit that instead.
    infact, i bet a standard ttrs intercooler works as well if not better than these uprated jobbies....

    Whats others thoughts on this?

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