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Tts 8s downpipe

FULLBORE Jan 25, 2020


    FULLBORE Registered User

    Looking at getting a de-cat downpipe for my tt. So far the tt has been a bit of an eye opener. Everything is so much more expensive than the s3/golf r counterparts.
    Makes no sense as its basically the same car engine wise.
    You can get 3" downpipes from £140..... yet the cheapest tts one is about £370

    Even when it comes to stuff like rs style honeycomb grills.... rs3 style ones for a3's are around £130. Tt mk3 cheapest one is £250.

    Sorry, went into a little rant there.

    Back to the downpipe. Does anyone know what is actually different between the s3/golf r downpipes compared to the tts?
    If theres only a slight difference then id rather save the cash and mod one to fit....
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    FULLBORE Registered User

    Did a bit more digging for those interested. Found a listing of a scorpion down pipe for golf r with a instruction breakdown of the parts included. Same for tts.
    The actual downpipe has the same product code so is identical. Same as the hanging bracket. The only difference its the centre pipe after it. Has a different code to the golf r one. Which tells me the cheaper downpipes will fit and its probably a simple case of cutting the centre pipe down to suit. Either way, that was the green light i needed. Hope this info helps some of you out

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