TTE855 EVO Upgrade Performance Turbocharger


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Jul 9, 2014
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TTE855 EVO Upgrade Performance Turbocharger for DAZA & DNWA cars)

The TTE855 Hybrid turbocharger was the evolution of our highly acclaimed TTE777. Using some key features like a bigger billet compressor and CNC porting and other gas flow improvements. Quite possibly the highest performing and most powerful hybrid available.

The compressor wheel is exchanged for a milled aluminum wheel with state-of-the-art geometry, 7+7 blade so producing extra power. Equally, we change the original exhaust turbine for a far larger but very lightweight 9 blade TTE designed turbine, for lower exhaust gas backpressure, giving greater performance. We also fitted a proven TTE motorsport upgrade bearing system for durability.

Boost response as always is focused on when we were designing this unit and it does not disappoint with test results showing 500Nm at only 2620 RPM and 900Nm at 3500RPM AND OVER 1000NM peak and 900ps !

MPH Times from a TTRS not stripped and with sport cats

Dynos (e85 & 102 ron fuel no wmi and car has sport cats)

More info and pricing click this LINK
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Jan 3, 2018
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Any new dyno data yet or hardware info like in the TTE777 thread?
I think VanCity Audi must be nearly ready to release their figures.
Mine is fitted and I’m currently running in the engine before mapping.