TTE777 EVO Upgrade Performance Turbocharger TTRS 8S, RS3 8V.2


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TTE777 EVO Turbocharger for the DAZA & DNWA 2.5 TFSI EVO engine

A TTE777 Is an original RS3 8V.2/TTRS 8S turbocharger that we the THETURBOENGINEERS Rework to make a class-leading performance hybrid yet still plug & play fitting with an upgrade inlet. To make a TTE777 the compressor wheel is exchanged for a TTE milled aluminum wheel with state-of-the-art geometry, 7+7 blade so producing extra power, that's even bigger then TTE700 wheel. Equally, we change the original exhaust turbine for a far larger but very lightweight 9 blade TTE designed the turbine for lower exhaust gas backpressure giving greater performance. We also fitted a TTE motorsport upgrade bearing system for durability.

Boost response as always is focused on when we were designing this unit and it does not disappoint.

With the TTE777 stage we have CNC ported the exhaust manifold to match the OEM gasket at the head flange and smooth the transition in each exhaust runner to improve gas speed and flow, so improving efficiency to the much bigger 9 blade low mass turbine and so driving the larger compressor harder. We also made other power modifications with regards to the turbine side of the TTE777 unit to increase gas flow.

Features :

  • TTE Billet Highly efficient compressor geometry

  • TTE 9 Blade High-flow Low-mass turbine
  • TTE Upgrade bearing pack
  • Genuine BorgWarner Turbocharger as the base part
  • Genuine BorgWarner actuator
  • Thermally shielded exhaust manifold and housing
  • CNC Optimized Compressor Cover Machining Clearances
  • CNC ported manifold
  • Plug and Play Installation
  • 700+ depending on fuel (link here for required upgrade injectors)
  • Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
  • Made in Germany
More info and price here :




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DVX Our partners in Belgium produced a great result.

Audi RS3 2.5 TFSi DAZA 400 HP @ DVX 724 HP / 867 NM

✅ 324 HP↗
✅ 387 Nm↗

Stage 4:
- Forged Engine (piston & rods)
- TTE777 Turbo
- Wagner Upgrade Intercooler
- Milltek duel 80mm downpipe & Turboback exhaust
- IE Air intake
- Forge Turbo silicon inlet
- Sharp-Motorsport Upgrade injectors
- WMI stage 2 kit
- DVX outlet pipe

Custom DVX performance Belgium Engine Remap 98 octane fuel with WMI @2.3 bar peak.

Custom DVX DQ500 Remap



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Audi RS3 DAZA TTE777

DVX 653.3 HP / 778.0 Nm

✅ 253.3 HP↗
✅ 298 Nm↗

Stage 3 TTE777:
- TheTurboEngineers TTE777 turbo
- Sharp- Motorsport upgrade injectors
- Integrated Engineering Air intake
- Milltek Sport decat downpipe
- Forge Motorsport intercooler
- Forge turbo inlet
- DVX Outlet pipe
- 98 ron

- Custom DVX performance Engine Remap
Power Limited by stock engine & stock RS exhaust.

- Custom DVX DQ500 Remap
✔Increased torque limiter
✔Raised clamp force
✔Faster shiftspeed
✔Increased rpm




Registered User
I know most people perform turbo tuning with bolt-on modifications like intake, turbo, intercooler & exhaust etc for good reason.

But does anyone use traditional, internal methods like big valves, ported heads etc? How do they get on?

Thanks, Nick


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World’s fastest TT RS with TTE777 turbo
and Unitronic Stage 3 – E85
!! Europeans fastest TT RS with and hybrid turbo !!
Congrats Nardocar
and Claus L
We do not quite know if there are other records than 100-200 km/h.
If you know let us know

0-100km/h = 2,52 sec
0-200km/h = 6,53 sec
100-200km/h = 3,97 sec
200-250km/h = 3,49 sec
1/8 mile = 6,17 sec
1/4 mile = 9,43 sec (Missed a gear at the end of the run..will reset soon)



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New world record turbo for a hybrid turbo on 2.5TFSI
And the first 5-cylinder AUDI to run in 8 seconds with a hybrid turbo & the fastest Audi in Canada

Turbo & Unironic software

0-60 mph 1,91 sec
0-200 km/h. 5,74 sec
100 - 200 km/h. 3,69 sec
60-130 mph. 4.27 sec
1/8 mile 5.70@123 mph
1/4 mile 8,87@156mph