Sportback TTE500 or DAZA retrofit for pfl?


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Dec 9, 2020
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Hey everyone,

Looking to potentially stage 3 my pfl RS3 towards the end of the year, really want to be in that 5XX club with all the FL guys haha!

Just looking for people’s personal experience (if any) from the TTE500 turbo or the DAZA turbo retrofit. I have a friend who’s running a TTE500 but it’s the older version so on 99 he’s running under 500bhp, but I had a look on their website and their new revised 9 blade turbine saw an almost 40hp gain on the same car from their previous version.

TTE also offer the retrofit kit for the DAZA turbo, and a used low mileage DAZA turbo isn’t too expensive to pick up. Doing this route means there’s options to go for a TTE700 or 777 in the future but the kit they offer requires a bit of fiddling to fit according to their website. I’ve only seen 1 car with this set up and I believe it ran 510 on 99.

So yeah, any comments from anyone with experience of these 2 set ups would be great.