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TTE480 Turbo

Charlie23 Nov 5, 2020

  1. Charlie23

    Charlie23 Registered User

    Hi Guys,

    Just been reading up on some of the TTE480 pages and some very nice motors and power.

    I seen one of the vehicles a Golf R with the TTE480 with standard engine, Standard Injectors and standard LPFP and it make 460 BHP and 55oNM torque?

    A question i have is - can a TTE420 turbo be run with out replacing Injectors and LPFP?
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  3. nluk100

    nluk100 Registered User

    Yes it can but you will struggle to hit 400bhp and you need a custom map obviously.
  4. prt57

    prt57 Registered User

    The current thinking about the TTE 420 and other similar hybrids is to use an RS4 fuel valve, RS3 injectors and an uprated lpfp. This means you don’t have to use the 165/175 bar fuel valve. The RS3 injectors require a modified loom and an extra locating hole drilled in the head to allow the spray pattern to be correct.

    However, the very latest is to use modified standard K04 injectors. These will produce even bigger flow than the RS3 injectors. Available from RTech and AKS tuning. No head modification or alternative wiring loom needed so overall cheaper although the units seem pricey.
    Have a look at the Venom 430 / 450 hybrids as these are proving popular at a better price than TTE.
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  5. Charlie23

    Charlie23 Registered User

    Cheers Guys,

    Only asking as im going to be doing this Next year. Just the one vehicle Golf R on the page had a TTE480 only Stage2+ extras and made 460BHP.

    Im looking forward to carrying this out as i have a few honda mates that are building these tinsheds with K20 Turbo engines and im not being beaten by no honda haha.

    Cheers Guys
  6. S.

    S. Save the manuals

    No way (at least to run it safe longer than 3 dyno runs).
    The upgrades the guys wrote are a must for anything above 400-420hp.
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  7. 3bi5

    3bi5 Registered User

    It's not unsafe in any way with custom mapping matching the parts setup. And you will be most likely more torque limited than hp limited.

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