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TTE350 Upgrade Performance Turbocharger VAG 1.8T 20V (2.0tfsi turbo)

TTE Si Jan 8, 2015

  1. TTE Si

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    TTE350 Upgrade Performance Turbocharger VAG 1.8T

    Introducing our first K04-064 turbocharger stage for the 1.8T platform. 350, 370, 390 Stages being available.

    TTE350 for the 1.8T begins as a brand new standard Genuine BorgWarner K04-064 turbocharger taken from the 2.0tfsi platform, we dismantle and CNC modify for fitment for the 1.8T VAG platform so does not require adaption spacer plate others are using. Comes with CNC Exhaust manifold mounting adaptation hardware.

    Great blend of power and response and price with OEM reliability.

    Key points
    • Genuine BorgWarner modified housings including exhaust manifold
    • Genuine BorgWarner 2283 compressor geometry
    • Genuine BorgWarner K04 turbine/shaft
    • CNC Modified Exhaust manifold for 1.8T fitment
    • CNC Exhaust manifold mounting adaptation hardware
    • Genuine BorgWarner actuator (image shown is a reinforced type optional at extra cost. please ask for info )
    • Genuine Original Pierburg N75 Valve
    • Port Matched Exhaust Runners (option available at extra cost. please ask for info)
    • CNC Optimized modified silencer discharge delete (optional at extra cost)
    • BorgWarner Factory Balanced Core
    • 350+PS Capable
    • Designed, Machined & Built by TTE in Germany

    Brand new Price 1511.76 Euro net

    We can also offer to recondition and modify/upgrade a used good serviceable original genuine K04-064 unit to TTE350 specification for 1.8T fitment

    Reconditioned and upgraded used Price is 713.45 Euro net

    (For customers in EU countries 19%+ VAT Must be added to prices above unless have a valid VAT ID)

    Shipping does vary but 45.00 euro is a good guide for Europe wide.

    Reconditioning price shown is based on overhauling and reconditioning, upgrading a undamaged used turbocharger within specification. Only once cleaned and dismantled, inspected then a firm price be made.



    (Pictured is TTE390 but is same externally as 370,350. To note this also has TTE uprated oem actuator available at small extra cost)
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  3. TTE Si

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    Very cool project from Denmark

    VW LUPO TTE350 1.8T

    Nice easy tune at 1.6bar 346hp 410Nm using 95Ron fuel


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