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TT225 Tuning

ttkevinc Oct 4, 2018

  1. ttkevinc

    ttkevinc New Member

    Hello all im kevin c 42yo and i love dicking about with turbocharged cars.

    Im in the market for some cheep frills and found myself looking at the TT 225 , in the uk 1.5k will get you so much car i thought it was a wind up .. so as always before i buy a car i find out how tunable it is (thats half the fun for me the geek i am) and internet wisdom says a 300 quid stage one remap gets power levels upto 270bhp give or take ... so im intreged how such a jump in power is done and supporting mods needed , i expected air in gasses out mods needed and boost-up mods like a ebc to control the turbos pressure.
    To my shock it turns out audi must have used actual science designing the engine because intake and exhaust upgrading to run a boostup mod seems to not be needed , the tinternet says just reprogram the ecu and go make some boost.
    That cant be right , can it ? my mr2 turbo i had to replace, filter, exhaust, intercooler, bigger turbo, electronic boost control ... then a boostup ecu could be fitted to up boost from 12psi to 18psi. then i remaped afrs twith a sapexi afc o 11.5:1 on boost and ran w/m 50/50 injection to hit 10.8:1 making 300bhp .. that a fk tone of work i can tell you so the thought that i can just get the ecus rom refashashed and make 270bhp seems to to to good to be true lol.

    So my questions are,

    What is a tt225s stock boost pressure.
    what is its max boost pressure before something melts or lets go.
    What the hell does the reflash do eg. trimmed fueling, more timing advance ??
    With a stage one tune how much extra boost is needed and how is it controlled.

    That me and the few questions id like answering , and i cant wait to be boosting up the roads in a tt225.

    kind regards , kevin c.
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  3. Richard ward

    Richard ward New Member

    Hi Kevin
    I bought a TT 225 and I've been told go straight to a stage 2 remap directly, skip stage one.
    That's what I'm gonna do .
    270 bhp = no Messin around
    Pure horse power then do cold induction, 3" straight through stainless steel exhaust, lovely
    Cheer and good hunting.
  4. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Some carefully chosen mods and a good remap will get you to 270bhp and 300Lb/ft . When looking for a car try and get a BAM engine car, usually 2001 and on, the earlier 225 TT's were narrow band Lambda and don't provide as much protection when mapped. Careless tuning with these, just winding the boost up usually results in bent rods. The engines big weakness are the standard rods and it's very easy to turn one into a banana.
    They are old cars now and can be a bit of a money pit with age related issues. Most cars have well over 100K miles so the engine components aren't exactly fresh. Plenty of info on many threads on here, particularly on the A3 8L forum as the S3 has the same drivetrain as the TT.

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