TT-RS ??


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I've heard some rumours Audi are bringing out after the TT-S, a TT 2.0tdi (2.0 twin turbo ?) and sometime around 2010 a TT-RS, with a new twin turbo petrol engine, I guess similar to the BMW 335 ?

Can anyone shed any more light on this? Performance/cost/liklihood etc etc ?


Audi_TT 83

Audi_tt 83
someone has posted about the 2.0tdi not to long ago. only 170bhp in that 0-60 in 7.5 :( as for the TT-RS yes that has been shown at motor shos and will have a 2.5 5cyl turbo engine with 330bhp (i hope its not borrowed from fords ST) performance shold be around 5seconds and 155mph. cost - a lot but i think its gonna be a stonker