TT RS Buying Advice


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I'm starting to look for a manual TTRS, preferably in Daytona Grey, but maybe in Ibis or Suzuka.

I'm not overly concerned about specification but mileage, ideally, under 50K.

Could anyone on the forum direct me to the service schedule; thank you.

I'm also after any helpful advice specific to the TT and this in particular to the RS model.

I've read somewhere that the clutch is a little weak on the manual and that discs and pads are expensive to replace (also; deal the rear hatch really drip water into the cabin when opened; I had an R32 last year and it came in through both the fr & rr door and the hatch - a real pain)

Just want to go in with my eyes open

All and any help would be appreciated.




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I've had my TTRS manual for the past year.

BOUGHT THE CAR WITH 69,000 miles in the clock.

Now covered 18,000 this year mainly driving to work at 60mph although some have a been a spirited road trip to Europe / Alps with 2000 miles in a week. Ive had to buy M pilot sport tyres for it, and a service. The gearbox doesn't like to be rushed but on the other hand mine feels very good and fresh still despite covering 88,000 miles now.

I also had the transmition engine mount changed for a few hundred pounds as well as sub fame bolts which was £80 and top mounts for £200 total but don't think top mounts needed doing after trying to hunt down a cold weather creek from the for end which was just the mount which is common.

The boot lid can drip some water into the boot space when raining as you open it but as long as you don't open it really fast most runs off before you do so. Not a mojor issue.

Service isn't that expensive and just had a major service with oil and plugs etc for £550 at my local main dealer.

Mines standard power and if I was to get it staged in power would most likely need to replace the clutch I think and some do this depending on which stage they get as well which one. APR is meant to be much harder on the clutch than say the revo tune.

My brakes where replaced at 10,000 under warranty and are on about 60% wear with a little judder now when driving very hard, however I've seen replacement OEM fronts for about £400 for the pair so again not a worry when I decided to change.

Hope this helps



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Thanks Craig, every bit of info helps (shame about the manual box not liking being rushed though).

I've come from a Honda S2000 with a gearchange like loading a rifle, and 12months in a Golf R32. The golf being probably the most disappointing car I've owned; I found the 6pot a little lethargic after the S2K and the gearbox somewhat ponderous (great sound though from both cars).




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The r32 was a horrible car speed wise.

Brake discs for the front are 300 notes

Pads 120

Water gets into the boot only when you open it.

Service schedule is like any other haldex Audi car.

Clutch doesnt like low down pulls when remapped. We ran 550hp on a stock clutch.

Uprated clutches are doing 900hp on manual