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Trying Eliminate Mysterious ‘whine’ - HELP!!!

W55LSY Jul 31, 2020

  1. W55LSY

    W55LSY Member

    I need ideas guys and girls. I’ll put this as succinctly as I can.....

    (2010 A3 2.0 tdi 170 CR 110k)


    - I have what is best described audibly as a ‘whistle/whine’

    - started 2/3 weeks ago

    - no slow build up that I noticed.

    - One day it just started ‘whining’ - instant

    - ‘whine’ is consistently older with increase and whiter with decrease in speed AND load.

    - it could have been loose trim/mirrors etc. IT’S NOT

    - Whine DISAPPEARS completely when clutch is FULLY engaged, Regardless of up or down shift or load.

    - whine is present even when coasting (in gear)

    - gear change and selection seem fine

    - Driveability seems unaffected, (I think)

    - Has it got worse/louder during these 2/3 weeks? ‘Maybe’ it has become more audible. If so, it’s minimally perceptible.

    My IMMEDIATE reaction was it sounds like a boost / turbo issue (classic whistle/whine). HOWEVER, it’s dictated by clutch IN/OUT.

    With NO mechanical input, my ideas so far :

    - aero issues - NEGATIVE
    - turbo (general) - Logically it’s a no
    - boost sensor etc - logically it a no
    - fuel / airflow /rads etc - logically its a no (as per boost)
    - top/ bottom end - 99.9% negative

    Rationale for above is that ‘Whine’ disappears upon full engagement of clutch. No overheating re lack of coolant/air or oil.


    - thrust bearing - unlikely as only FULL clutch engagement Stops the whine
    - dual mass - unsure??? Past experience (BMWs) dual mass is basically entire clutch with slippage symptoms etc ??
    - full clutch - No slippage under load and engagement is smooth
    - gearbox - tight with no change in selection
    - synchro - no selection issues

    I really need some help on this. I’m fairly handy but I have no workshop/lift/proper tools etc

    More than happy to pay an indy for repair etc, but not hours of labour on diagnosis. I just can’t afford it.

    any ideas on this common VAG CR engine are more than welcome. Even better would be Experience of what I’m describing.

    Cheers guys and girls

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