Triple QX oil, thoughts?!

There is more info available to us than ever before .

My argument is for just a little bit more you can have VW's finest spec .

That beats the next highest spec on 5 points of oil performance.
For the sake of something you change 3 times a year why not spend the extra 20 quid for the decent quality stuff.

How many of us waste £60 quid a more on takeaways we probably don't need? We spend a lot of time in our cars. Its worth paying the extra at times.
There is more info available to us than ever before .

My argument is for just a little bit more you can have VW's finest spec .

That beats the next highest spec on 5 points of oil performance.

Then you won't believe tetrasil makes ASDA own brand oils then.

No doubt you consider those **** as well. VW505.01 spec among others...

At present I change my oil between 1.5-2k, gentle cleaning process. Previously tried Fuchs Ester, it lasted <5k, by that time it was severely discoloured [which is good], I recon a MOR SYNTH changed at 2k equals an high priced ester left in there for >3 times that. Horses for courses.

Oh Fuchs Ester has actually NO approvals but it SPANKS the so called highest specs low saps pish. Or don't you believe that either.
Good evening Sir.

Not surprised Tetrosyl makes Asda's own brand non approved 504.00 507.00 .

Do I think it's **** , well I did this....


I'm willing to take a punt on the stupid low miles I do with a £19 for 5L product when on roll back (around every 6 months) normally £26, changed every 6 months .

Fuchs esters - TITAN race PRO S , etc, are top draw and have no specs because they are beyond specs .
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so iv been using QX for 2 years now had no problem but I do think running high performance and having an heavy foot this oil is surpose to thin and plenty of garages hv told me. is not a good thing so iv gone for some £27 millers oil and know this is great stuff... if u are running standered power then yes if Tunner up and spend ££££ like me on the performance why would u want to put 17£ oil in no brainer really oil is the heart of the car get something good and known :) my opinion thx Gaz
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People often overlook the oil spec sheets that are available , they will reveal the oils viscosity at 100°C which gives the oil it's designated grade .

Believe it or not there are thicker and thinner 30 and 40 etc oils .

Sustained high temps such as fast Autobahn and track driving is where you want the thicker oils .

I'm happy with the quality of 504.00 507.00 as they are ment to contain group 3 , 4 and top group 5 ester oil basestocks which is the same as some Ester marketed oils .
Crap. Got some Triple QX for my service at B5 this week. Will ask Bill to use something else. At least it was cheap- can use it as a flush or for topping up
VLS case is concluded and satisfactory.


Cases 010124 and 010125 refer to two products marketed by Euro Car
Parts Ltd, Triple QX 5W30 and Triple QX 5W40 on their website. These
two products in the product information section on the website stated to
meet ACEA A3/B4 and ACEA C3 specifications. In fact these two
specifications, in their latest iterations, are mutually exclusive of each
other such that the dual claim cannot be met by a single lubricant. The
dual claim could cause confusion to consumers with vehicles requiring
either a catalyst or particulate trap compatible oil or those needing a high
performance oil suitable for direct injection engines which could
therefore result in an inappropriate lubricant being used. We can advise
that when contacted by VLS Secretariat, Euro Car Parts Ltd responded
swiftly and positively by immediately correcting the website only error
and VLS confirms that all existing Data Sheets and labelling are correct
relating to the products concerned. In line with VLS procedure this
matter will be reviewed within the next six months to ensure the website
error remains corrected.
lots of words which mean what exactly??

QX products in my experience are bargain basement in price and quality also
you get what you pay for

why cheap out on oil??
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Reflects badly on SHELL as their supplier, right or wrongly; [going to use this as a final flush before going back to Ester..] however research shows there is only one SHELL product group that is dfg produced and that is ULTRA, which gets really good reviews on the various manufacturers tractor fuel forums...

As I am continuing my gentle clean program. I'll stick with ASDA's tetrasil sourced 5-40 VW 505.01 synth as the cleaning agent-it's being doing sterling work over the last few 1.5k intervals, before going back to an ester oil, probably red line as they supply the info you need..

ps have found reference to keeping oil filters unchanged during intermediate oil changes due to their capture/trapping capacity being far higher than a virgin oil filter for a hundred or so miles..
exactly bill spend ££££ on car why spend 17£ on oil lmao plz don't
Mojo if you like ester oil why not choose a value for money VW spec oil that contains ester as your gentle clean ?

What's the info you like about Red Line ?
What's the info you like about Red Line ?

Er because unlike fuchs/silkolene the data sheets are readily available I eventually received a pdf version from Fuchs/silkolene (their Pro ester oils all run close to lower grade boundaries btw) but I believe this info should be open source
Still, beats trying to find ecp info....
I see what you mean , you have to dig to find it , from a 2011 data sheet 5w40 Pro S is 14.89 mm2/s @ 100º C and the Red Line is 15.1 .

In this respect as a single grade varies about 4 mm2/s the difference is negligible .
Red Line is Polyol "type" of ester oil.


Polyol esters can extend the high temperature operating range of a lubricant by as much as 50 – 100°C due to their superior stability and low volatility. They are also renowned for their film strength and increased lubricity which is useful in reducing energy consumption in many applications. The only downside of polyol esters compared to diesters is their higher price tag, generally 20 – 70+% higher on a wholesale basis.

The major application for polyol esters is jet engine lubricants where they have been used exclusively for more than 40 years. In this application, the oil is expected to flow at -65°C, pump readily at -40°C, and withstand sump temperature over 200°C with drain intervals measured in years. Only polyol esters have been found to satisfy this demanding application and incorporating even small amounts of diesters or PAOs will cause the lubricant to fail vital specifications.Polyol esters are also the ester of choice for blending with PAOs in passenger car motor oils. This change from lower cost diesters to polyols was driven primarily by the need for reduced fuel consumption and lower volatility in modern specifications. They are sometimes used in 2-cycle oils as well for the same reasons. In industrial markets polyol esters are used extensively in synthetic refrigeration lubricants due to their miscibility with non-chlorine refrigerants. They are also widely used in very high temperature operations such as industrial oven chains, tenter frames, stationary turbine engines, high temperature grease, fire resistant transformer coolants, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, and textile lubricants.

In general, polyol esters represent the highest performance level available for high temperature applications at a reasonable price. Although they cost more than many other types of synthetics, the benefits often combine to make this chemistry the most cost effective in severe environment applications. The primary benefits include extended life, higher temperature operation, reduced maintenance and downtime, lower energy consumption, reduced smoke and disposal, and biodegradability.
It's hard work but looking at the C3 LOW SAPS 5W30 packaging it's 502.00 505.01 505.01
But " meets the requirements of ..", so not VW approved .

PD 5W40 is 505.01 .

0W30 is 503.00 506.00 506.01 which is the old LongLife spec .

So none of it is the newest Longlife 504.00 507.00 spec and none can be used with a DPF .

All non approved .
And neither are Motul 300V/FUCHS Titan ProS either, they are in exactly the same position as the other non approved oils.

What is your understanding of what drives modern oil developments??
I wouldn't say they're in the same position as Ester marketed oils because they are much more expensive than non approved VW spec oil .

Ester oils don't need to spend huge fees on sample submitting for spec approvals because the oil quality is beyond manufacturers specs .
So is triple Qx 5w30 vag oil no good for a 2.0tdi with dpf
Screenshot 20190327 142611 Chrome

Or have they changed now with there vag range :readit:
Never the best value...

It's good for any make of car dpf or no dpf , petrol or diesel .

High quality because it's a PD oil and LongLife so that's higher group oil basestocks and more polar heads with hydrocarbon tails !
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