Trimmers / Upholsterers in the East Midlands (near Nottingham)


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Hey all, does anyone have any experience of trimmers or upholsterers near Nottingham? I've spoken to a few companies so any experiences of the ones below, or suggestions of others that are decent would be appreciated!

I'm initially looking to get my headliner and pillars re-trimmed in Alcantara, but then moving on to do all my seats, seems the general price for headliner, pillars, sun visor and sunroof shade is about £650 or so.

I've spoken to:
  • Auto Trim in Leicester, had a fairly long chat with Darren who seemed a decent guy
  • Car and Coach trimmers in Nottingham
  • Hide n Seat in County Durham, little far for me but the guy (Simon I think?) seemed like a very nice chap who seemed to really know his stuff and his prices were reasonable
  • MJ Interiors in Shipley seemed good and are quite recommended from what I can tell
  • Dave the Trimmer in Bedford was about 4 times the price of everyone else, can't figure that one
  • Awesome in Peterborough have a great site but they didn't answer the phone, shame
  • Edge Automative have a lovely site with really nice looking examples, not too far from me, slightly more than others but not by much
Very hard to pick a company, Hide n Seat seemed very honest so I sway toward them but then Auto Trim are very local to me and they seemed to know their stuff, Edge Automative are slightly pricier but I do very much like their approach of OEM+ and keeping it subtle, you do see some very garish re-trims...


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This should probably in the non model specific forum, if a mod sees this can you move it? Cheers

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Rob Avant

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I’d be interested to hear how you get on and who you use. I also need a few bits doing but haven’t looked into it properly. Keep us posted!